GET INVOLVED! Tell us what inspires you about offshore wind


Win the chance to gain unrivalled experience in the offshore wind industry

Tell us what inspires you about offshore wind?

What is the Norstec Academy?

The Norstec Academy is a community showcasing the offshore renewables industry to future industry employees. It signposts the range of opportunities, information and how to become part of the sector by:

• providing meaningful and valuable experiences for students such as seminars, visits, facility tours, open days, webcasts and other activities organised by prospective employers in the sector
• promoting broader understanding of the industry to further and higher education students and academic institutions and the range of potential careers from finance to engineering to PR
• positively engaging with academic institutions
• offering a portal to the offshore renewables industry.

What is the competition?

We are asking students from any discipline to answer this simple question in up to 500 words:

What inspires you about offshore wind?

What is the prize?

Winners will attend a week-long tour of the offshore wind industry where you will gain an unrivalled insight into the nature, scope and scale of the industry and the variety of opportunities the sector has to offer.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind opportunity for students to gain insight and valuable experience by visiting key industry players and meeting people from across the offshore renewables industry. You will play a vital part in promoting a growing industry – which one day could be yours. Don’t miss out!

The Carousel programme includes:
• Visiting an operating offshore wind farm
• Getting to grips with the legal intricacies of wind farm development
• Ever wondered how these huge wind farms are financed? Meet experts who know
• Seeing the exciting future of the industry first hand at Research & Development centres
• Visiting training centres for engineers (where you might end up one day!)
• Finding out about the PR and communications side – how the industry engages with the media and local communities
• Learning about the project development process from start to finish – direct from the developers themselves
• And, finally, the winner of the best online output during the carousel programme will have the opportunity to win a trip to an overseas factory

How do I enter?

Entries should be submitted in via email to Please include your full name, telephone number, University/College, and the name of the qualification you are currently studying for.

Applicants have until 13 June to submit their entries to Norstec. Competition winners will be announced on 18 June and the prize will commence towards the end of June and early July.

You need to be available between Monday 30 June and 11 July for the experience.

What else will I have to do?

By entering the competition you will become a Member of the Norstec Academy. We only ask three Ps of you:
• Pledge to support the industry and the Academy
• Participate in learning programmes, events and debate
• Promote the Academy’s messaging, programmes and people through PR and social media.

Where can I find out more information about Norstec?

You can contact us via or by telephoning Clare Daly on +44 (0)20 7901 0692.

Please click here to read the terms and conditions of the competition.

Optional Norstec questionnaire

We would also appreciate it if you could complete this short questionnaire and return via email to, which we are using as part of a wider research project into industry awareness:

1.How would you rate your awareness of the offshore renewables industry?
(Scale 1-5. 5 = high)

2.How would you rate awareness of the offshore renewables industry
amongst your peer group? (Scale 1-5. 5 = high)

3.How relevant do you believe the renewables industry is to the
UK’s future? (Scale 1-5. 5 = high)

4.Please state which one of the following best applies to your views

a. The renewables industry is an attractive career option

b. The renewables industry is not well paid

c. You have to be really “green” to be part of the industry

d. Don’t know enough about the industry to consider as a career option

5. Have you ever considered a career within the renewables sector?